Mr. In-Ho Son, Patent Attorney of Myung-Shin & Partners, published the book "Startup Patent Bible" through the publication company, Parkyoungsa, on May 24, 2022. Based on his experience as an Intellectual Property expert for startup companies, he explains how a startup can best use patents to grow their business.


Myung-Shin & Partners represents Chinese Artificial Intelligence Unicorn startups in Korea and provides various Intellectual Property consulting services to startups based on fourth industrial technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and System Semiconductors.

For startups to survive, acquiring intellectual property rights is a necessity, not an option. In the fourth industrial revolution era, Mr. Son emphasizes that the object that startups should invest in is intellectual property. He explains that a startup’s intellectual property will accumulate and pay dividends in innovation and growth. In an era where knowledge becomes property, a startup with protected intellectual property will be able to monopolize the market and move ahead to future success.

Mr. Son hopes that through the book, many startups will be able to understand the various assets of intellectual property, protect their businesses by using patents, and increase the value of their assets.


Mr. In-ho Son has lectured on patent law to examiners of the Korean Intellectual Property Office. He works as an examiner for the startup league and meets with various startups. He has performed the task of evaluating the value of intellectual property, which is an intangible asset. Multiple attributes and utilization methods of intellectual property experienced and studied by the author can be better understood through the 'Startup Patent Bible'.