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myung shin kim

Founder Myung-Shin Kim

Mr. Kim’s career has consisted of serving not only as a patent attorney, but also as an academic, industry innovator and humanitarian. With his respected and distinguished reputation in the local IP community, Mr. Kim has been influential in many revisions of Korean Patent Law, Trademark Law and Patent Attorney Law, all the while striving for the highest standards of service. Throughout his career, he has contributed greatly to the expansion of the role of Korean patent attorneys and to the development of IP protection not only in Korea, but also throughout Asia.

Mr. Kim served as the vice-president of the Korea Intellectual Property Research Society, Inc., contributed to legislation regarding the computer program protection law and the complete revision of the copyright law and established the special membership fee system of the Korean Patent Attorneys Association for the association building fund and the mutual-aid pension.
Mr. Kim served as the President of the Korean Patent Attorneys Association from 1996 to 1998, contributed to reformation of the subject matter of the patent attorney examination(civil procedure and foreign language), improvement of the expert opinion system by patent attorneys, enforcement of the practical training course of civil suits for patent attorneys, establishment of pro bono legal services by patent attorneys, campaign for establishing KPAA building, movement against the bill regarding the non-examination registration system of utility models and the commemorative event for the 50th anniversary of KPAA. Additionally, in 1997, Mr. Kim published the first case book for intellectual property in Korea. Further, he led the legal campaign which, in 1998, resulted in the establishment of the Korean Patent Court (High Court level) and the patent attorney insurance system. Mr. Kim was awarded the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit by President Dae-Jung Kim in 1998.
Mr. Kim served as the President of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association from 2000 to 2003. Starting in 2005, he served as the President of the Intellectual Property Forum approved by the Korean National Assembly and led the campaign to enact an Intellectual Property Framework Act. Additionally, Mr. Kim led the 2005 revision of Korean Patent Law to allow for the restoration of an extinguished patent right. At his suggestion, KIPO launched the payment notice service for annuities and opened the related page in the KIPO website.
The Intellectual Property Framework Act, first proposed by Mr. Kim, at last came into effect on July 20, 2011. Mr. Kim serves as an active member of the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property and is the Chairman of the Intellectual Property Protection Sub-committee.
Mr. Kim was awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit by President Geun-Hye Park on May 15, 2013.